Author Misty Malloy
sexy. steamy. blissfully paranormal.

Scorched Bonus Scene

 Bonus Scene: The Tastegasm




“Just one more little bite?” asked Dmitri, shooting me a sultry smile as we sat close together at the corner table of the fancy Greek restaurant. “The shrimp is so succulent, isn’t it?”

I beamed at him, but shook my head no while he waggled the shrimp enticingly on his fork. “No, thank you,” I murmured under my eyelashes. “Everything was so good, but I’ve already eaten so much already.”

And, oh wow, I had! Andre and Dmitri had been thoroughly pampering me with course after course of food, not to mention all the yummy martinis. 

“Mmm, okay,” Dmitri said, gazing at me sexily with his dark melted chocolate eyes. His muscular thigh brushed against mine as he popped the shrimp into his mouth. 

Oh, my stars! Heat tingled between my legs and I clamped them together. Who would have known that watching a Greek hottie eating shellfish would be so freaking erotic?  

“Did you leave room for dessert?” Andre rumbled into my ear. He sat on my other side, and scooted his chair even closer. I could feel the heat emanating from both my dates, and when Andre dipped his hand under the tablecloth to palm my thigh, a little gasp escaped my lips. 

Melted panty alert! Yowzer, these dragons were smokin’. 

It was a little odd they were wearing matching blue button-down shirts. Plus, they’d told me they had gone to get manicures together earlier. Kind of weird, but…whatever. 

They were drop-dead gorgeous.  Dark haired…olive-skinned…oooh, yes please! The parts of my panties that hadn’t already melted off were now thoroughly wet.

“Ummm…dessert?” I squeaked, managing to take a sip of my drink. The deliciousness traveled down into my stomach, warming up the heat that already swirled within. Sizzles of fire lingered on my leg underneath Andre’s touch. 

Maybe I shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt? I bit my lip, enjoying every second, but glanced around nervously at the other patrons of the restaurant. 

An elderly couple sat at the table closest to us. A group of four loud twenty-somethings, maybe on a double date, weren’t too far away, either.

Hmm. No one seemed to be paying any attention to our table. And we were tucked away in the corner, with no one behind us. But still…we were in a restaurant! This seemed naughty.

Super naughty.

“Yes, of course, we’ll have dessert,” Dmitri said, winking. “Baklava, lemon cake, honey cookies…they’re all so delicious. We can’t leave without you trying them all.”  

He called over the server and quickly spoke with her in fluent Greek. Meanwhile, Andre moved his hand even farther up my bare leg, sending another flurry of excitement to my pussy. 

I let out another squeak. The server gave me a strange look before bustling off to put in our order. 

“Is everything okay?” asked Dmitri. He reached down to place his hand on my other leg. Even more heat zipped through me. 

Oh stars! 

“Umm…yes, but—”

“But what?” Dmitri grinned wickedly while Andre slowly trailed his fingers across my heated flesh.

I felt a bloom of color flood my cheeks.  “Well, we’re in a restaurant, and there are, you know, people around us.”

“No one can see what we’re doing under the table.” Now it was Andre’s turn to shoot me a devilish grin.  He dipped his fingers under the hem of my skirt, oh so very close to my already throbbing pussy.

The temperature in the room seemed to skyrocket about a million degrees. More warmth surged into my cheeks. 

“It’s kind of like dinner the other night,” I whispered, my heart now pumping wildly and desire skipping through my veins. 

“Someone touched you during dinner?” Intrigue rang through Dmitri’s voice. He lightly caressed my knee while Andre dragged his fingertips across the fabric of my panties. 

Oh! My knees fell open of their own accord, welcoming the touch. 

“No, not me, my cousin Lyssa,” I said, my voice coming out a little ragged. “Drake…um…Forleo…uhh…he made her orgasm under the table.” I could barely get the words out while all my coherent thoughts hopped on the train to La La Land.

“Did he use his fingers, like this?” Andre flicked a finger against my clit. I bucked without meaning to.

Another flick came right after. “Mmm,” I whimpered. “I…I don’t know. She didn’t tell me all the details.” 

I spread my legs even wider. Oh goodness, what was I doing? I had no idea—all I knew was that it felt freaking amazing.

“Maybe he did this?” Dmitri suggested, nibbling on my ear.

I didn’t even bother trying to answer this time. A sizzle of desire ripped through me and another whimper escaped my throat. 

Andre pushed aside my panties to slide a finger across my slick lips. “You’re so wet.” 

“And so…hot,” Dmitri added. “Baby, I can smell your arousal and it’s making my dick so hard right now.”

I took a peek at Dmitri’s lap. Yup. A huge bulge. A quick look at Andre’s told me the same thing. 

I closed my eyes, enjoying more ear nibbles and caresses. I giggled, wriggling my hips and a few more moans came out. Wow! When did I become such a moaner? 

“Ice cream with honey and mint,” came the server’s voice. I snapped my eyes open to see her watching me curiously. I felt my mouth form a little O. One of my dates was still kissing me, and the other had his fingers in my panties…

I giggled again. “Thank you!” I told her brightly. I couldn’t help the situation—and besides—I sort of liked it.  

Actually, really liked it. 

The guys were right—no one could see what was going on under the table, and what was wrong with a few ear nibbles? 

Nothing. Not one darn thing. 

To my dismay, Andre removed his hand and dipped his spoon into his dessert. 

“Oh! But—” I started, my inner dragoness already complaining about the sudden withdrawal symptoms. My pussy tingled in the most delicious way, and it wanted more. 

So much more. 

“It’s to cleanse the palate,” Andre said, winking. “I want to be able to experience other tastes. And flavors. Ones that are sweet and sultry, and utterly delectable.”

I felt my eyes open wide. Oh! Other...flavors? The way he licked his spoon sent a tizzy of desire fluttering in my belly.

“And the mint is an aphrodisiac,” said Dmitri, shooting me another sexy white smile. He draped one arm around my shoulders, pulling me close. “It heightens sexual prowess...and intensifies lust.”

Sweet holy dragon goddess! 

I didn’t think these guys needed any help with sexy time skills, but I nodded anyway. My breath came out in little pants. Fire swirled through my core, and the desire to straddle them and ride them like ponies almost overcame me. 

Dmitri leaned close—close enough to kiss me—but then he popped a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth instead. 

“Mmm!” I exclaimed, my voice muffled as the sweetness swirled on my tongue, mixing with the heat raging inside my body.

“Minty?” asked Dmitri.

“Yes,” I breathed.


I nodded.

“Not as sweet as your honey, I’m sure,” Andre said mischievously. He set his spoon on the table and flipped up the edge of the tablecloth. 

I stared at him. Surely he didn’t mean to…?

My jaw dropped as Andre slipped under the table, completely hidden from view in what seemed like a split second. 

A moment later my panties were tugged off my hips and my legs were gently pushed open. I glanced at Dmitri in surprise, but he simply laughed, a deep lusty rumble in his throat. 

Andre began to kiss along the inside of my thigh. I spread my legs even wider, desire pounding an intense rhythm within my core. 

“Another taste?” murmured Dmitri. But it wasn’t another spoonful he offered, but this time his lips. He kissed me—not really hard or soft, but somewhere in between—and his tongue swirled a fabulous minty-ness around my own. 

I kissed him again…and again…and suddenly Andre was licking me, flicking his tongue against my clit. 

I moaned into Dmitri’s mouth.

“That good?” he asked, chuckling. 

I nodded as I felt Andre spread my lips wide and his tongue laved a path through my folds.

I could tell I was wet. So freaking wet. 

Dmitri nipped my bottom lip and tension inside me grew faster, and stronger, while Andre worked his magick down below. 

“Your dessert,” came the server’s voice again, and I gasped, pulling away from my lip-lock. She placed a large platter of all kinds of cookies and pastries and—oh! chocolate-covered strawberries!—on the table in front of us. “It seems like we’re missing the other Mr. Alexopoulos?” she asked. “Would he perhaps need anything else?”

“Ah…he’s busy,” said Dmitri, flashing her a grin. “I’m sure he has everything he needs, thank you.”

“And you, miss?” asked the server. “Can I get you anything else?”

I could barely shake my head no. Pleasure unfurled within my entire body, and I couldn’t help bucking my hips toward Andre’s face. 

A small section of the tablecloth lifted to reveal Andre’s hand, and in it, he held my red thong. With one quick flick of the wrist, he flipped it up and over the table.

It landed with a splash in my martini.

The server’s mouth gaped open and she stared at the panties. 

“Baby, you didn’t want any more of your cocktail, did you?” Dmitri asked me, eyebrows raised, a hint of amusement on his face.

I teetered on the edge of my release, simply unable to reply.

The server mumbled a quick response before she was off, shimmying her little booty toward the kitchen. 

Dmitri chose a particularly plump strawberry, and gently touched it to my lips. I bit down, immediately experiencing the deliciously sweet and tangy flavors bursting in my mouth…

Just as my orgasm slammed into me. 

Oh stars! Now I really was seeing stars. They flashed all about me like fireworks and I clutched Dmitri’s arm, bucking and writhing under the table. 

“Mmm,” said Dmitri, sensually rubbing his thumb across my bottom lip. “I’m glad you enjoyed that. And now, it’s my turn to taste you.”

I trembled, my mind officially turned into complete mush. Dmitri eased himself down beneath the table, between my legs, to join his cousin. 


Oh, my!

Dmitri, too?